Why open a company in Dubai?

Why open a company in Dubai?

One of the best places in the world to open a company or register a business is Dubai. The city offers a number of advantages because of which foreign investors are opening companies in Dubai constantly. These expats can open a company within the Dubai mainland or in one of its free zones which are equipped with modern facilities that make businesses survive in the developed world with so much competition.

Advantages of setting up companies in Dubai

One of the greatest advantages of opening a company in Dubai is the fact the regulation is improving and the government keeps the business world updated.

The other reasons what make Dubai is so attractive are:

a. investors can benefit from a trouble-free visa services and can sponsor their families

b. easy processes for business registration

c. expanding business horizon and opportunities to expand

d. excellent infrastructure for any type of business

e. no corporate taxes

Consultancies like Company Registration Dubai can help you own a business setup in Dubai. From registration of your business to company formation in Dubai and corporate bank account opening, the experts at the firm provide you a full suite of services that work as the support system for your business. Other such services include visa processing and PRO services.

a. Doing business is easy

Dubai is advancing by the day when it comes to the business world of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Authorities are always trying to improve regulation and procedures to expand the types of businesses that can be setup in Dubai. The procedures for business setup in Dubai have been made easier, for example, documents and approvals are in place in no time after you apply for business registration. Free zones in the UAE play a big role when it comes to growth in business. After you are done with company formation in Dubai, these free zones allow you to have 100% foreign ownership, corporate tax concessions, and also allow you full repatriation of capital and profits.

b. Enjoy zero taxation

In Dubai, the market is free, which means that government control and regulation of private sector activities is low. As a result there are no direct taxes on personal income or corporate profits. Even though there are import duty and double tax treaties with most of the major commercial centres on the globe, but even they are not significant. Enterprises and businesses can hire employees from anywhere in the world and bring them to the UAE. The Emirate also has a reputation for being a clean place for carrying out business. Governmental checks in place to curb frauds, bribery, money laundering and other hiccups in business.

c. World-class infrastructure, logistics and services

The Emirate is one of the most developed places in the world when it comes to infrastructure. Investors rank it high because of the ease that business infrastructure provides them in conducting their business activities. Whether it is communication infrastructure, the roads, the logistics services or other ancillary support services, everything is world-class and is developed with an aim to keep investors happy. From highly equipped free zones and an international airport with premier services, to world-class seaports, modern highway network, and modern telecommunications and power facilities, the Emirate is truly one of its kind.

d. Location

Through your business in Dubai you can access markets in other parts of Asia and also reach parts of Africa because of the central location that the Emirate enjoys in the Middle East. More than 85 airlines take you to more a 130 international destinations. The Emirate also enjoys services of 120 shipping lines.

e. Life in Dubai

The residents, locals and expatriates, live a healthy and a comfortable life in Dubai. The real estate, housing, recreational and educational facilities are superb and people are provided with all facilities that they require. The government has kept a tight control on law and order and criminal activity is negligible.

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