UAE Quickly Emerging As a Preferred Investment Destination

UAE Quickly Emerging As a Preferred Investment Destination

Is it your turn to consider investing in UAE?

UAE, home to the tallest, largest and the iconic projects, an inspiration for life and lifestyles, an investment destination that is unparalleled to anywhere in the world and a place that many call their home; take a look at the top reasons why investors choose UAE over other countries.

1. UAE is a very rich country

First of all, UAE is one of the richest countries in the world. According to Fortune 2017 report on Top 15 richest countries in the world, UAE came at 8th place having high income per capita: GDP per capita PPP $68, 250.

2. UAE is at the center of all the action

UAE is strategically located between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. There are +140 direct flights to Dubai by Emirates airlines; from any major city you can reach Dubai with a simple direct flight.

3. FDI Capital inflow

Foreign direct Investments in UAE are regularly increasing in different economic sectors. According to World Investment Report 2018, the country has been leading the Arab nation when it comes to FDI; therefore it is worth investing in UAE.

Company Formation in Dubai happens almost every day as the city attracts large amount of FDI. According to FDI Monitor Report by Dubai FDI, Dubai attracted $4.84 billion in first quarter of 2018, which is 26% higher compared to same time period last year.

4. +35 free zones

Dubai has a lot of free zones which attracts a lot of investors and entrepreneurs.

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5. UAE has funds supporting businesses

UAE is practicing a lot of programmers for the govt. subsidies to the promising industries.

6. Regularly improving law with NO Bureaucracy

UAE has a very stable and modern law which makes the country very attractive. UAE is having a very open and attractive policy towards international businesses and the professional expats.

A testimony to this is the recent announcement by the UAE government is that it would issue 10-year visas for professionals and investors and will also allow 100% foreign ownership in mainland companies in order to attract the best talent available in the world and also to boost foreign direct investment into the country.

7. One of the safest place in the world

Govt. of UAE invests in cutting edge security solutions keeping the crime rate lowest in the world. Political system is stable and always forward looking in its vision and objectives. This makes the life of families very safe and desired.

Dubai Crime Index: 16.61 Highly Safe

Paris Crime Index: 52.48 Moderate (source: Numbeo)

8. A thriving tourism industry

The UAE government allows property investors to lend their properties for a short term period to tourist and encourages facilities like airbnb. More than 14 million visitors arrive in Dubai every year who are looking for hotel apartments, villas, townhouses all which workout to short term rental opportunities. This number is expected to grow to 20 million visitors by 2020 due to Expo 2020 which will be hosted by Dubai. Temperature of Dubai record highest is 52 degree Celsius and record low is 9 degree Celsius.

So if you start your business in Dubai it means your business will be fully attracted by the tourists.

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9. Well regulated real estate market

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency working under Dubai land department ensures that each developer and project is well monitored. RERA ensures that all projects are registered, assesses the financials of the projects, and approves if they can be sold locally or internationally.

10. UAE offers an amazing lifestyle

Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture combined with unique entertainment hotspot, luxurious hotels and green beaches and lifestyle opportunities for over 200 nationalities who reside in Dubai.

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11. Great designs, amazing quality and a commitment to deliver

UAE hosts some of the world’s leading real estate developments. The commitment of quality and delivery is extremely high and monitored all the time.

12. Anyone can buy a property in Dubai

Dubai is a freehold market. Anyone of any nationality is allowed to buy and sell properties. Dubai real estate market transacts a large number of properties on freehold. Almost every project is open to all without any restrictions.

Moreover, Dubai Real Estate has a good edge against inflation (up to 13% ROI increase). Income from the Dubai real estate is higher than income from the deposit of the banks or dividends from the shares. However real estate value can vary, it can go up and it can go down.

13. Something for every budget

Affordable, mid-range, luxury and ultra-luxury like budget apartments, townhouses, villas, beach house or a private island; you will find everything that you want in UAE. There is something for every budget here.

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14. World’s best rental yields

Dubai’s rental returns offer a minimum return of 5.5 % to 6% and go as high to 10 or 11%. Even at a rental return of 7% it is extremely high compared to international cities like London, New York and Hong Kong where residential properties offer you just 2 to 2.5% rental returns annually.

15. Its tax free

UAE has no income and corporate taxes. There are no taxes on rental income and capital gains. So if you rent a property and a tenant pays you rent or if you sell the property anytime and made the profit from the investment, that too would be tax free.

16.Send money from Dubai to anywhere

There are no restrictions on repatriable funds, this means that if you invest in a property in Dubai and sell the same in a year, there is no restriction from the govt. to have the money in your account or use it for any other purpose.

17. Finance options

With low interest rates finance options are available to both residents and non-residents of Dubai. Loan to value will range from 50 to 70% of your property value making it easy and affordable to buy properties in Dubai.

18. UAE Total Population

UAE total population is 9.4 million which includes 80% expatriates. Dubai is concentrated with lot of buyers and investors from all over the world which makes it a very good place for expanding your network and expanding your business.

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