Top 5 Tips To Open Beauty Salon In Dubai

Top 5 Tips To Open Beauty Salon In Dubai

Starting a beauty salon in Dubai can be a very profitable business setup In Dubai. If you know how the business works and you have the required skills to operate it, you should get your business registered from the Department of Economic Development and start your journey of success.

Let’s see what you need to do to start your own beauty salon:

a. Submit the copies of the investing partners’ passport & visa

b. Choose a name for your beauty salon & get it approved by DED

c. Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association or get it done by a local service agent, after approval for the name from DED.

d. Rent a salon shop as per the necessary infrastructure standards of the DED and enter an agreement with the tenant

e. Get the tenancy contract and the Ejari number

f. Obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality Planning Section

g. Obtain approval from the Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality

h. Submit all these documents with the DED and obtain your license

You can now legally run your business salon.

Business consultancies like Business Registration Dubai can help you obtain the license for your salon business setup In Dubai. The consultancy which provides help with business registration and company formation also helps you complete the documentation and get through the whole process without you having to break a sweat. Its support services like bank account opening and finding a local sponsor, among others, will prove to be of great help.

Here are some tips that are going to help you run a beauty Salon in Dubai

a. Operational finance may be a problem

Finance can be a problem for businesses like salons because the equipment is expensive but also the rent that has to be paid for the shop is a fixed cost that you need to be able to bear for the first few months until you start having customers regularly and make a name for yourself. So you must keep money to cover your fixed costs at first.

From paid-up capital requirements to the mandatory office space and trade license fees, salon owners need to set aside as much as AED 36,730 in annual costs, depending on the kind of company they are starting.

b. Do not waste time

It is very expensive to live in Dubai without having a job or a regular income. This means that you do not only need money for the beauty salon Dubai but for yourself as well. You must also take care of the time because you can only stretch a certain amount of money for so long. There is no time to waste you must get started with the business registration process right away. Your marketing efforts must also be timely because you need to make customers fast if you want to survive.

c. Take a look across Dubai

It is extremely important that you are on top of all the market trends and new services that are being provided. People from around the world bring their requirements and cultures and trends to Dubai so it does not take much for the city to adapt to them. But if you do take time, you will lag behind and it will be difficult for you to compete in services against those who do take care of what is trending. So you go around the city and always keep yourself updated on what is demanded.

d. Diversity matters

As mentioned before, Dubai takes in a lot of tourists and expats every year, which makes it culturally rich. This also means that you will find diversity everywhere you go. This diversity will also come to your beauty salon Dubai and you will have to provide services to people the way they like it, even if you do not relate to those services, hairstyles and make ups. Just go with the flow.

d. Choose your location carefully

Your location can be a game changer. It can either help you achieve your goals or totally ruin them for you. If you have decided on investing in a beauty salon, be quick to choose a good location even if the rent is high. It is easier to deal with higher costs but once you have invested all your money in a place where you do not find many customers, you are going downhill. The best option is to find a balance between the population in market and the rents that you will have to pay.

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