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UAE boosting financial inclusion for SMEs

Small and medium sized enterprises, SME, are defined as enterprises that are made up of under 250 employees. These small and medium sized enterprises are said to make up 47% of the economy of UAE. More than half of the workforce in UAE works for SME.As Dubai is known as the most active business hub around the world where finance for new businesses in UAE is always available, it appeals more to foreign investors. With an increase in finance [...]

The Business Applications That Can Help Your SME Succeed In 2018

The business applications that can help your SME succeed in 2018

2017 was the year of many advancements in areas of technology especially development of business applications. There were whooping 197 billion downloads around the world in 2017 and that figure is expected to rise to 350 billion by 2021. Amongst thousands of apps available, some are pretty useless but some do benefit businesses immensely. When you are starting your business in Dubai and you are looking for apps that can help your SME succeed in 2018, here are our [...]

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