Support Services

We specialize in business setup and provide support services in Dubai and across UAE.


Local Sponsors in Dubai

Setting up Mainland Company in Dubai requires a local sponsor who must be UAE National and will hold 51% of company’s shares. Rest of 49% shares will be owned by foreign investor. Business Registration Dubai not only provides local sponsor to our clients but we also ensure that our clients remain completely protected by providing them more control over their business.


Pro Services in Dubai

Business Registration Dubai offers its PRO services for the client’s smooth connection with government and non-government authorities. Our services include getting approval from government institutions, translation services, embassy paperwork, DED paperwork, visa processing services, visa renewal, visa cancellation, labor card renewal, certificate attestation and contract clearance services. With our 10 year relationship of working with government departments, we assure you that you will get quick approvals for your business registration in UAE.


Visa Processing in Dubai

Foreign investors around the globe are aiming to start their business in Dubai, thanks to UAE thriving economy. You can find a lot of talent here looking for employment opportunities and Business Registration Dubai can make them part of your company through our employment visas. We have a pro-active team of highly resourceful professionals who work through their way in reducing the time to get investor visa for our clients. We also have good connections with visa regulating bodies so that we are aware of every change in visa regulations. Currently, we offer three kinds of visa services namely employment visa, partner visa and family visa.


Trademark Registration in Dubai

Business Registration Dubai places utmost importance in protecting your brand. We acquire complete background research to ensure that your trade name is unique as well as carry out all the paperwork required to register your trademark in Dubai. With our team of experienced professionals, you do not have to worry about your brand security. We strive to provide an optimized solution to our clients that save their time as well as resources.


Bank Account Opening

Financial institutions in UAE are recognized globally and hold a great reputation in their services. Many entrepreneurs want to open their business bank accounts in UAE. Various banks have different policies for their corporate account holders. It is getting difficult for business entities to open their bank accounts due to numerous formalities and documents required for this purpose. Business Registration Dubai offers quick and a straightforward process for creation of bank account in Dubai and across UAE. We also provide necessary documents subject to your nationality, business activity and legal structure of company.


Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai government is always striving towards building a favorable and business friendly environment through its comprehensive policies for fair competition and growth of economic sector. It is mandatory for businesses to register their products with the government before introducing them to consumers. This process is quite complex due to numerous authorizations, attestations and documentation placed by regulating authorities which must be adhered to. Business Registration Dubai has successfully assisted many of its clients for their product registration in Dubai.

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