Smart Dubai: An engine driving the cities of the future

Smart Dubai: An engine driving the cities of the future

The paradigm has shifted. The world is accelerating. The science fiction of yesterday is rapidly becoming the scientific reality of right now. How do we withstand the tectonic shifts in the world around us? How does a society thrive where the world economy is undergoing constant disruption? How do we continue to work when information is moving at the speed of light?

There are places that are ahead of the curve. The city is building the tools for tomorrow. They are recreating innovations that have real way impact. This city could be a model that everyone would dream to live in.

That place is the city of future: Dubai.

Dubai is one of world’s leading smart cities. But what does that mean?

A city becomes smart by using data and technology to anticipate and respond to your needs so that you can spend more time on what really matters. Smart Dubai is focused on city wide innovation that makes its inhabitants life easier.

Guided by the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai), the purpose of Smart Dubai is to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. The mission is to embrace technology and innovation so as to provide the most efficient, seamless, safe and personalized experience.

Key Initiatives of Smart Dubai

Smart Dubai is making a better future by continuously measuring and impacting people’s happiness through the happiness agenda, an initiative that follows a unique scientific approach supported by Dubai pulse, the digital backbone of smart city.

Dubai pulse is driving the revolution with powerful enablement initiatives that allows Dubai government to become the first government to execute all applicable transactions on blockchain by 2020. Dubai Pulse data platform publishes data sets about the city’s traffic, transport, the economy, social welfare, healthcare, and education, among others.

Data is making everything better. By making government and private sector data available to everyone, you can make smarter decisions about your life and your business in Dubai. On Dubai pulse website, you can find hundreds of data sets that will help you make smarter decisions so if you are going for business setup in Dubai, you can search demographic and competitor trends in a neighborhood to make sure it’s the right place for your business.

Another great feature on Dubai pulse is city flow which provides a visual data representation of population trends in Dubai that can help your family in Dubai take decision about here to live and negotiate for rent and purchase prices.

Data is also making artificial intelligence possible to streamline your daily life. Rashid; smart city assistant is always available chat with Dubai residents to ask about different aspects of life in Dubai including help in visa applications, setting up a bank account or even finding the perfect school. By making data available to everyone, over 10.4 billion AED will be added to economy every year by 2021.

Dubai Blockchain Strategy is another transformational technology that will make life easier. Say you want to buy an apartment in Dubai usually you would run around to many different entities with lots of documentations which can be overwhelming. On blockchain you can access information from one highly secure digital network which reduces time and effort. On blockchain each piece of information about your apartment is called a block which contains an unalterable detailed ledger of information.

There are blocks of information for everything; from your passport and visa details to your bank details, DEWA details that also form together to be part of information blockchain. Offering trust, transparency and traceability, Dubai will be the first government in the world to conduct all its applicable transactions on blockchain by 2020.

Dubai Now is an app which helps Dubai residents access all the city services they need through one app. Here you can pay your bills and fines, pay your fuel, register your car, rent increase calculator, track flights and much more.

Dubai Careers was created by smart Dubai to connect amazing talent with incredible roles in an efficient and unique way. You can explore hundreds of jobs in English and Arabic and even record interview responses remotely and offline before the employer receives them.

Smart Dubai has launched paperless strategy which aims the city to completely become paper free by 2021. This saves all hundreds of hours and trees in paper transactions and also shows the city commitment to becoming an environmentally sustainable government.

Everyday smart Dubai is transforming city experiences by collaborating with new partners and working with emerging technology such as blockchain an AI. Using the power of technology today, Smart Dubai is creating a happier tomorrow.

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Smart Chat buddy is another tool which answers questions related to Company Formation in Dubai.

With Smart Dubai, the city is creating an ecosystem of innovation by data, the most ambitious and comprehensive data initiative in the world allowing its residents to make smarter decisions for a better tomorrow.

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