New list of business activities added in Dubai DED to promote growth

New list of business activities added in Dubai DED to promote growth

New list of business activities added in Dubai DED to promote growth

The types of businesses that are allowed in the UAE are growing simply because the demand for new products and services is growing at a much quicker pace than it did years ago. The population is growing and people from all parts of the world are coming to the UAE for their business setup in Dubai. The growing number of immigrants is also advocating the provision of more items that were not available before and so the authorities in the UAE are always working on updating their lists of products and services that are allowed to be provided.

The vision of the authorities for the UAE to be self-sufficient when it comes to products and services has contributed to the efforts of promoting new businesses to operate and produce all of the new products and services in the UAE. The business related policies and regulations further encourage people to take up the responsibility and the businessmen from around the world to invest in the UAE and take advantage of the new and profitable opportunities available to them.

One reason behind the massive growth of business in the UAE is that the authorities have taken their time to draw up policies for each and every industry. These policies govern not only the quality of the products and services but also the way they are produced and the externalities that come with the production. These policies take into account everything related to the business. Once the policies are in place, incentives are provided to the businesses for them to find it easy and profitable to invest after they meet the necessary requirements.

Businesses have been provided ancillary support, short processes, easy registrations and smooth incorporation and formation methods. Apart from that, each industry that is to be promoted is given special incentives so that it can grow at a faster pace than other industries and so the requirements of the market can be me right away.

New business activities approved

The Business Registration and Licensing sector in the Department of Economic Development has added a number of new business activities for the UAE. One of the reasons behind this move is to promote and encourage a healthy competition in a market with a huge potential.

Let’s look at the list of new business activities that have been given a go-ahead:

  1. Alarm and surveillance equipment rental
  2. Waste collection services
  3. Trademark support services
  4. Services for media monitoring
  5. Satellite industry

These are just a few business activities that have been approved by the authorities in the UAE. We can all expect more business activities to be approved by the government and for appropriate legislation to be done for such activities in order to promote them. The approval of these business activities furthers the agenda of the government to provide complete consumer satisfaction through quality assurance and provision of all that is asked for in the market.

Planning to indulge in business?

If you plan on having your own business setup in Dubai, you can choose from a variety of options available to you. You can also go for the newly approved business activities and take the opportunity to run a profitable business setup in UAE.

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