List of Business Sectors with 100% Ownership in the UAE

List of Business Sectors with 100% Ownership in the UAE

List of Business Sectors with 100% Ownership in the UAE

UAE has been capturing the attention of foreign investors for a long time, starting with Dubai. Due to the unique location Dubai has been acting as a transit point that connects Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa since the year 1988.

The oil and gas reserves have also attracted foreign investments, as the reserves around the world shrunk. UAE became one of the most famous places for oil and to be honest the government has used one resource to develop almost all of the UAE.

Moreover, as the years pass by, UAE has been constantly developing in order to adjust accordingly to the improving technology and infrastructure.

Similarly, the development of free zones has taken huge role in the increasing economic activity in the UAE. These free zones allow entrepreneurs to set up their business while paying little to no taxes. However, as these businesses are either allowed to deal in the same free zone or with international markets, the import and export activity has been prominent, and has been catching the eye of other foreign investors.

The government of the UAE has prioritized the interests of these investors and decided that by the first quarter of 2019, numerous business sectors will be allowing 100% ownership. This will increase the number of foreign investments creating more income flow and in turn higher economic activity.

This decision will cause the inflow of the capital to rise from 8% to 20% by the end of next year. Greater business opportunities will be provided even beyond the free zones.

The list of business sectors with complete business ownerships

One way that the authorities in the UAE have used to encourage businesses in the country is to allow businesses to have 100% foreign ownership. Although the rule does not apply to all industries, but the requirement is not there for a good number of industries.

100% ownership of a company is one type of guarantee and security that you can enjoy all the profits and do not need a strict oversight.

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