Get Residence, Start Business in UAE with Low Budget & Rapid Process

Get Residence & Start Business in UAE with Low Budget & Rapid Process

Get Residence, Start Business in UAE with Low Budget & Rapid Process

Prior to starting a new business in UAE, you are required to obtain UAE residence visa (residence permit). It is quite easy to obtain residence visa in UAE within a relatively short amount of time if you duly follow all the respective requirements.

According to a report by, UAE government has dedicated itself for faster processing of UAE residence visas i.e. in only 100 days. Simpler, faster and a more streamlined process will increase UAE company formations as foreign investors will be attracted to the efficient and hassle free visa for their employees.

UAE Residence Visa via the Company

UAE government gives an option to obtain residence visa through company registration. This visa gives the right of permanent residence to the owners of company and members of their family in UAE.

A foreign investor with a valid UAE residence visa also grants him the status of tax resident of UAE. The person can then avail all the available tax benefits such as exemption from majority of taxes in the country.

Obtaining UAE residence visa will give you the following rights,

  • Right of permanent residence in UAE
  • Right to obtain visa for family members
  • Have a full status of resident who has the option to obtain loan from UAE banks
  • Can obtain cheque books from UAE banks
  • Safe and comfortable residence in UAE

Time Required To Obtain UAE Residence Visa

On average it takes mere 3 to 4 weeks to obtain UAE resident visa which is issued for 2 years and can be further renewed for unlimited number of times.

If you do not want to reside permanently in UAE but need residence visa, you must come to UAE at least once in every 180 days to sustain its validity.

How to Obtain UAE Resident Visa

UAE is a real haven for doing business. It is highly developed and rich country that provides attractive business benefits. You can carry your business and enjoy a comfortable and secure residence in UAE.

Residence visa is issued by immigration department of the country. If you are obtaining visa through company registration, your legal entity will be registered in one of the free zones of UAE. You can obtain one or more visa depending upon configuration of your company.

Documents required

Following documents need to be submitted for company registration and obtaining resident visa in UAE,

  • Company name
  • Passports copy
  • Short summary
  • Utility bills from person’s home country with name and address
  • Bank recommendation letter

Steps to Obtain Visa

  1. Send us a request mentioning required number of residence visas for shareholders and directors of company along with brief description of planned business activities.
  2. After receiving above information, we will send you proposal that covers costs and list of required documents.
  3. Send us complete documents by e-mail so that we prepare for registration.
  4. You can come to UAE on tourist visa and sign all documents required for company registration and to obtain residence visa.
  5. Company registration in UAE mere takes 3-4 days and may be a little bit more depending upon type of company and free zone. Visa obtaining will take 3 to 4 weeks.
  6. In the last stage, we will send you resident visa in electronic form and you will have to come to UAE for 3 to 5 working days to complete visa process i.e. visa sticker in passport and registration card resident of UAE ID. After that the procedure is completed.

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