Dubai boosts advantages as global investment hub

Dubai boosts advantages as global investment hub

Dubai has been actively playing the role of an international investment hub since the 20th century. The city’s ideal location allows it to act as a transit point for the Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

The city is surrounded by both land and sea and can transport goods by air, land and sea. Furthermore, Dubai is known as a transit point for transportation of cargo and passengers. It has also been ranked among the world’s top 15 business centers, climbing over other established hubs like Bangkok and Milan.

For the past decade, UAE has been developing Dubai to maintain its position as the top investment hub. They have been doing so by developing their infrastructure, renewing laws for business operations, creating Free Zones etc. All of these factors have been contributing to create an ideal environment for investors and owners of business setup in Dubai.

Efforts of the government

The government of UAE is continuously working to maintain Dubai’s position as one of the greatest transit points. Experts have mentioned UAE’s ability to adapt to the newest technologies as a key to their success.

a. Information technology has been introducing easier modes of manufacturing and communications.

Taking advantage of such technology, the possibility of human errors have been decreased. Simultaneously, the rate of the product outcome has increased. Such mechanisms catch the attention of investors and entrepreneurs.

b. There are currently 20 operating Free Zones in Dubai. These Free Zones allow foreigners 100% ownership of their businesses without having to find UAE locals as sponsors. These Free Zones have common as well as exclusive benefits for the sectors the Free Zones deal with.

World Forum for FDI

Recently, Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI) has stated that it will be participating as a sponsor for the World Forum for FDI 2019. The event has been planned to discuss and analyze future trends that might surface over the next 25 years.

The event is to be held from 17th June to 19th June in Sydney, New South Wales. Dubai FDI will be displaying Dubai’s investment opportunities. These investment opportunities will also include the majorly invested sectors of Dubai such as healthcare, aviation and logistics. The Dubai FDI team has stated that they are to take part in several conferences and hold high level meetings during the event.

The CEO of Dubai FDI, Fahad Al Gergawi, revealed that Dubai FDI is taking part in global initiatives that are offering new opportunities to help represent Dubai as an ideal investment destination. He further commented that the World Forum for FDI 2019 will help promote their presence in investment markets of Australia and connect with other leading investors around the globe.

According to the latest news from Dubai FDI Monitor, the total capital expenditure calculated amounts to Dh455, 470 million. Australian companies have preferred to invest in business setup in Dubai; retail; education and training; sales, marketing and support; logistics, distribution and transportation, in the ICT and electronics, financial services, professional services, consumer goods, and creative industries markets.

Dubai is known to provide ideal business operating conditions. The cultural diversity allows foreign investors and workers to adjust to their surroundings easily. The government is welcoming businesses of all scales and kinds to operate comfortably in Dubai.

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