DMCC Company formation benefits for small businesses

DMCC Company formation benefits for small businesses

DMCC Company formation benefits for small businesses

 “I think supporting SMEs is in our DNA as over 80% of the companies in the DMCC free zone are SMEs.” declared Krysta Fox, Executive Director of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Free Zone.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center is the world’s most interconnected free zone, a leading trade and enterprise hub where companies trade a wide range of commodities.

DMCC was established in 2002 and registered its first company in 2003. Budding into that year DMCC had 20 companies primarily in the jewelry sector. Fast forward 16 years to 2018 and today DMCC is home to various multinationals and startups, a thriving business community of over 15,000 companies.

DMCC has been named by Financial Times ‘fDi magazine” as 2014/15 “free zone of the year for SMEs-MENA” and 2014-15 “free zone of the year for SMEs-UAE”.

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So Why SMEs choose DMCC?

Online Application portal

The registration process involves predominantly online experience. So when someone is interested in establishing a company in DMCC, they might come to DMCC in ‘many’ different ways. They might give a call, they might drop in and meet the team or they might get started straight away on DMCC website through their online application form. But all of those channels will take them through a very digital experience DMCC has created what is a first ever wizard for setting up a company. Digital portals provide a one-stop-shop solution to DMCC members; in fact, more than 50% of member services can be completed online within the same day!

Dedicated Business Executive

But it’s not just about digital experience and technology. DMCC also assigns an executive to help someone in their process of business setup in Dubai. So when they want to talk to a real live person about the business proposal and whether it is suitable to operate in DMCC, an executive can surely provide that information.

Registration process is very easy

DMCC Company Registration Dubai is a very simple process of filling in a form, uploading some documents. DMCC team will get back to the applicant with a company name and within about three weeks a company is registered.

Great Deal of Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of DMCC free zone is that it provides a great deal of flexibility to SMEs. Now whether that flexibility is needed because the business is expanding into new areas (Here we are looking at almost 900 business activities that can be conducted in this free zone) or whether that company is moving from one person band in a flexi-office right through to hundreds of people in a customized, full floor, beautiful business tower. DMCC has got everything within that broad spectrum available to SMEs.

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This is one of the major reasons for DMCC success. SMEs want help getting connected. DMCC does an enormous amount of work in that area such as the DMCC Knowledge Series. Knowledge is the greatest gift that DMCC can give to its members. DMCC knowledge series puts in front the entire business community, experts from all manner of fields who present their knowledge and expertise through legal matters, strategic marketing, industry specific real estate, energy etc. So there is a huge spectrum of knowledge that DMCC brings to its member companies from these experts in their field.

Moreover, DMCC organizes conferences, clubs, and forums and also provides online digital business directory that connects members with each other which in turn progresses towards doing business with each other.

Great Customer Service

DMCC has invested a lot of time and effort in making sure they deliver great customer service. They have a fantastic DMCC member portal where member companies can do just about everything online and that means that rather than them spending their time on administration, they spend their time in making their businesses successful.

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