Complete Guide On Obtaining Freelance Licence In Dubai

Complete Guide On Obtaining Freelance Licence In Dubai

Technology has never been more prevalent then it is today. Almost all the facets of our lives are affected by it, because of which Freelancing has become hugely popular. Many fresh graduates are opting for freelancing as their preferred career choice. Due to the ultimate freedom, flexibility and the comfort freelancing provides, it is rapidly becoming the second most stable source of income after the traditional 9-to-5 job. Besides which one of us would not like to be the one calling all the shots or set our own working hours?

According to Forbes magazine, the year 2017 was known as “the year of the freelancers”. The USA estimates that by the 2020’s end, 50% of the North American workforce will be freelancers! In Dubai, its largest freelance marketplace “Nabeesh” has 100,000 members, and this number is increasing in record time. Which clearly shows that the future is freelancing, and if you are planning to become a freelancer in Dubai, following some guidelines is mandatory to compete in Dubai’s competitive market so that all your work is done within the limits of the law.

Freelancing in Dubai:

There are two obvious ways you can start freelancing in Dubai. One is to get a freelance license, work permit that allows you to work in Dubai legally and a residence visa –in case of not getting sponsorship from your spouse or parent-. The second way is to opt for the Free zones that issue a freelancing permit as your base of operations, as free zones like Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City and Dubai Design City all permit freelancers to work in their premises and to promote more freelancing activity the city’s government has added various benefits including almost zero taxes on income generated through freelancing.

Beware, the world of freelancing is a very lonely place. In the beginning, it will also seem a bit unwelcoming. However, if you are self-driven, passionate and are persistent than Dubai is the platform for you to jumpstart your freelancing career. As, the government of Dubai is a huge supporter of your decision to be master of your destiny, who have taken several initiatives to make freelancing a viable and fruitful venture in the city. The incentives include the formation of various business support groups and accelerators for SMEs.

Who Can Apply for Freelancing Permits?

Currently, individuals in these areas of expertise can apply for freelancing permits:

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Media

The Dubai government has given these individuals preferential treatment because according to their survey regarding projected profits, above mentioned specialities came out on top. In the near future, the government plans to give additional permissions to other professions as well.

Documents to Have on Hand before Starting the Application Process of Freelance Licence:

The required documents are as follows:

  • Copy of your valid Passport.
  • Completely fill out the application form of Freelance licence.
  • Original Resume
  • Original Certificates of qualifications.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the sponsor for the transference of resident visa to freelance visa.
  • Your work samples exhibiting your abilities in the stated area of expertise.

Application Process of the Freelance Licence:

The process regarding obtaining a freelance License in Dubai is given below:

  • Apply for freelance license and visa with the concerned free zone authority.
  • Submit an application for interim approval with a copy of your passport, the proposed business plan and a reference letter.
  • Upon approval, you will receive a Customer Confirmation Letter.
  • Sign the letter and submit the above-mentioned documents.
  • Pay all the requisite dues concerning license, office space etc.
  • Sign the free zone sponsorship.

Collect the Freelance licence and the freelance visa, and now you are officially ready for business.

Freelancing is an extremely rewarding and lucrative way of generating income. But it is not at all easy as you have to be on your toes 24/7, remain highly-motivated even when you are in a slump and most importantly have your eyes on the prize as no one will tell you to keep on!

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