Choose mainland for expansion of your business globally

Choose mainland for expansion of your business globally

Choose mainland for expansion of your business globally

Dubai provides you with a lot of options when it comes to setting up a business. Whatever way you look at Dubai, you will find the best services available for your business. Whether you are in need of ancillary support from banks and logistics companies or you are in need of raw material, you do not have to worry about it because everything is easily available.

A business friendly environment has been created in the UAE and the major contributors to this environment are the business zones created by the authorities in an effort to promote commerce and industries. All types of businesses have been promoted and encouraged in the UAE through policies as well as the business zones.

One of the types of company formation that have allowed businesses to be successful is mainland company formation. Located in the business center of the Middle East, mainland Dubai offers investors with numerous opportunities to take advantage of and succeed in achieving the set objectives.

What are the requirements for setting up a mainland company in Dubai?

  1. A local sponsor is the first thing required for mainland company formation in Dubai.
  2. There is a need to select the type of business and get the business name registered with authorities.
  3. An application for the initial approval of the Mainland company formation is required.
  4. A memorandum of agreement and notarization from the court is required.
  5. Tenancy contacts are required for company formation in Dubai.
  6. Final submission of complete documentations for Mainland company formation is then required.

What are the advantages of Mainland company formation?

There are many incentives that the different zones in the UAE provide businesses with. Some provide businesses with tax incentives while others allow easy registration of the business and low initial costs.

  1. Repatriation of 100% of the profits and capital is permissible for a company setup in mainland Dubai.
  2. Companies in mainland Dubai are exempted from corporate taxes.
  3. There are more business options for mainland companies as compared to those formed in a free zone.
  4. The registration process for mainland companies is easier than other types of company formation.
  5. Mainland businesses have the option of maintain multiple branches in Dubai and are also allowed to setup their office anywhere in Dubai.
  6. Mainland companies also have the advantage of trading and operating without a limit. They can trade within Dubai and out of Dubai as well.
  7. Work on government contracts can also be undertaken by mainland companies.
  8. Minimum capital requirement has not been set for mainland companies in the UAE.

How can you take advantage of mainland company formation?

Investors have huge opportunities in mainland Dubai to grow their business globally due to the advantages listed above. There are no restrictions on the area of operations, location of offices and trade activities. This allows your business to become truly global if you have the intentions.

What business owners can do to maximize the utility out of available options, is to engage an experienced business setup consultancy like the Business Setup Consultants Dubai to help them with the registration process. The company is aware of all the legalities and all requirements that need to be fulfilled before a mainland company can be formed.

Apart from company formation, the consultancy provides visa processing as well other support services like trade mark registration and corporate bank account opening. All these provide fast track solutions for those who are willing to setup mainland companies in Dubai.

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