Advantages of general trading license in Dubai

Advantages of general trading license in Dubai

Advantages of general trading license in Dubai

Obtaining a trade license in Dubai is quite a simple process, provided you meet all the regulatory and legal requirements that the government of UAE has set forth in its rules of business setup in Dubai. Trade license is your license to operate your business and indulge in buying and selling of your products and services. The laws of the UAE do not allow you to get involved in the market in any way unless and until you have met all the requirements and obtained your license.

There are 4 types of trade licenses that you can obtain in the UAE depending on the type of business activity that you undertake.

a.  Commercial License

Any business setup in Dubai buying or selling goods in Dubai is issued a commercial license. The business is not allowed to undertake any activity that does not fall under the allowance of this particular license.

b.  Industrial License

Every business setup in UAE that is involved in manufacturing or other type of activities that fall under the domain of industrial activity are required to obtain an industrial license in order to operate.

c.  Professional License

If you are a professional at something or you provide a service, you will have to obtain a professional license before you can do so in Dubai.

Professional services include legal, medical, auditing, marketing, educational and many other such services.

d.  Tourism

Every business setup in UAE that have to do with tourism have to obtain tourism licenses.

Once obtained, the license will open the doors to many other avenues that you can explore during your time managing the business. The license serves as a gateway to future growth and further development.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) monitors and regulates all economic activities that are being undertaken outside the designation free zones in the UAE. The department issues licenses & trade permits, sets rules for business hours, and categorizes business into different legally permitted activities.

How to obtain a general trade license in Dubai?

As mentioned above, if you are able to maintain your business activities in line with the regulatory and legal requirements of the UAE, things will only become easier when you apply for a trade license. Follow the steps below and you will find the trade license to be easier to obtain than you thought:

  1. Name your company
  2. Submit application for registration of your company
  3. Approach the DED for notarization of Memorandum of Association
  4. Submit all required company documents
  5. Apply for establishment card at the Ministry of Labour
  6. Get native workers registered with the Ministry of Labour
  7. Get the native workers registered with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security

Process for Dubai Business license registration and approval

It is extremely important for any financial institute or bank Dubai to obtain approval from the UAE Central Bank before applying for a Trade License, if it aims at starting operations in the UAE. Companies that are involved in manufacturing will be required to get approval from Ministry of Finance and Industry before they can be issued a license. Similarly all other types of businesses have to meet industry or category specific requirements to get a business license.

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