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Choose mainland for expansion of your business globally

Choose mainland for expansion of your business globally

Dubai provides you with a lot of options when it comes to setting up a business. Whatever way you look at Dubai, you will find the best services available for your business. Whether you are in need of ancillary support from banks and logistics companies or you are in need of raw material, you do not have to worry about it because everything is easily available. A business friendly environment has been created in the UAE and the major contributors [...]

Get Residence & Start Business in UAE with Low Budget & Rapid Process

Get Residence, Start Business in UAE with Low Budget & Rapid Process

Prior to starting a new business in UAE, you are required to obtain UAE residence visa (residence permit). It is quite easy to obtain residence visa in UAE within a relatively short amount of time if you duly follow all the respective requirements. According to a report by, UAE government has dedicated itself for faster processing of UAE residence visas i.e. in only 100 days. Simpler, faster and a more streamlined process will increase UAE company formations as foreign [...]

Comparison of free zones in the UAE

Comparison of free zones in the UAE? Which is more beneficial for your business?

UAE is home to 45 free zones hosting more than 25,000 companies. Dubai alone has more than 20 free zones with each tailored to specific business category. All free zones have variety of similar characteristics but the main difference is the price and what you can do with your company. Typical characteristics of a UAE free zone company include, 100% foreign ownership 100% repatriation of capital and profits Exemption from corporate and personal taxation Each free zone authority provides company formation services, support [...]

Charter services for your business meeting from Dubai to anywhere in the world

With increasing traffic of business in Dubai, the need for services has also increased exponentially. When a city becomes a business hub for a region, the stakeholders come in and go out every day. The world of business has a lot of travel for stakeholders and workers who are at the top ranks.  They make regular visits to business sites and visit clients and service providers to strike a deal which is beneficial for both parties involved. Time constraints in [...]

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